List of IVI Platform 2017 announced (First published in Japanese in April, 2017)

  The IVI Platform Committee has selected the following 10 platforms as the IVI Platform 2017 from the platforms that were submitted to the platform business in FY2016 on March 23.

  Until March 2018, the IVI platform logo will be available for these platforms, and the functions, features, and evaluation of the IVI platform will be available on the website.



Next-generation manufacturing solution Meister series

Toshiba Corporation  

Dynamic optimized production CPS

Lexar Research
Softbank Corp.

Manufacturing platform for SMEs

Upst Web
Cybozu Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing service platform 

Fujitsu Limited
Frontier One
Wing Arc 1st Limited

Manufacturing management system FactoryConductor

Japan Nobel Co., Ltd.

mcframe IoT engineering platform

Toyo Business Engineering Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing IoT Starter Kit

NEC Corporation

Equipment operation management platform

TB Tech Co., Ltd.

Digital manufacturing infrastructure

Hitachi, Ltd. Frontier One Co., Ltd.


Sim Tops Co., Ltd.